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Wings for the Heart

Wings for the Heart

Bristol, United States · 33 items

Blissfully Detached Course

This is a 30-day course with daily inspiration, techniques, and tools that will help you to gradually and easily LET GO of the things that are keeping you miserable.

You will discover easy techniques for recognizing when you are emotionally attached, and gently releasing those attachments.

You will learn how to co-create with the universe on a much deeper level than you ever have before, and enjoy a sense of freedom and endless possibility as you do!

Most importantly, you will DISSOLVE the BLOCKAGES that have held you back for so long, maybe for years. You will enter into an easy 'flow' where things just work for you, without you having to force them to go the way you want.

'Blissfully Detached' will allow you to create your best life without all of the struggle that usually comes along with outer transformation.

This course allows you to make powerful INNER changes, which cannot help but transform every area of your life in beneficial ways.

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