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Wings for the Heart

Wings for the Heart

Bristol, United States · 33 items

Gratitude Tapping Course

Gratitude Tapping is an inspiring 30 day course that features one tapping script (or more) that helps you focus on feelings of gratitude. We will tap to clear feelings of doubt, impatience, indecision, and “ungratefulness,” and then we will tap in some feelings of genuine gratitude! Also included are some great tapping audios (MP3) that you can tap along with whenever you want to listen. These audios will guide you in releasing negative emotions and focusing on an aspect of gratitude to leave you feeling great. This course will help you to feel lighter and happier, release stressful, heavy feelings, truly appreciate your blessings, call in more blessings, clear limiting belief patterns, develop an optimistic mind-set, release fear and worry, live a more purposeful life, improve your relationships, and so much more! Get ready to tap into true gratitude in every area of your life!

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