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Wings for the Heart

Wings for the Heart

Bristol, United States · 33 items

Making Time for Manifestation Course

Making Time for Manifestation is a 21-day course that will help you to balance your physical and spiritual activities so that you have time for everything that matters to you. You'll be able to manage your current obligations, while also investing your energy and focus into a brighter, happier future. You'll learn: the importance of clarity, why it's crucial to focus on your goals daily, how to make manifestation a high priority in your life, how to create an environment conducive to manifestation work, why it's better to spend just a few minutes a day on this work, how to reduce confusion so you always know what to work on, why rituals can help you stay focused more easily, how to get rid of 'time-wasters' that are interfering, tips for releasing 'energy drains' that are depleting you, how to minimize your exposure to negativity, how to turn concerns into powerful positive intentions, why mindfulness can help you manifest your goals faster, how a deep inner connection can help you manifest easier, how to use multitasking to make better use of your manifestation time, discover the deeper reasons for your procrastination habits, and more!

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